What can you do if you are the victim of a right-wing, racist or anti-Semitic attack?

The counselling centre ‘response’ is active throughout the federal state of Hesse, to give support, care and advice to

  • Those who are affected by right-wing, racist and anti-Semitic violence

  • Family members

  • Friends

  • Supporters

  • Witnesses

How can ‘response’ help?

‘response’ offers confidential counselling, also anonymously if desired, wherever you are located throughout the federal state of Hesse.

The service is free-of-charge. If necessary, we will find interpreters for you.

Among other things, we offer

  • Digital and/or face-to-face counselling

  • Help with compensation payments

  • We can accompany you to appointments

  • Public relations representation

How can I reach ‘response’?

Our contact details

Frankfurt am Main office


069 - 348 770 530

Kassel office


0561 - 729 897 00